Hey! I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Bri, the voice and writer behind Fresh. Fit. Flourish.

I am a registered and licensed dietitian, currently practicing in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Food and nutrition is my #1 passion. That will never change. But through my own health journey, I've learned that 'health' is so much more than the foods we eat and the number on the scale.

That's why I created Fresh.Fit.Flourish: to share tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle to help others learn how to balance the many factors that play a role in their overall health.


The Fresh.Fit.Flourish Model 

Fresh, because our bodies and minds function best when we eat fresh, nutrient-dense foods paired with a fresh outlook on life.

Fit, because movement is essential for a health and vibrancy.

Flourish, because a balanced lifestyle with plenty of healthy foods, exercise, rest and self-care is exactly what you need to thrive and flourish through all of life's adventures.

What you can expect to find here: 

Nutrition Nuggets: It's a given that I love talking and writing about nutrition, so you can expect to see blog posts about nutrition-related topics that are all across the board.

Workouts: From yoga, to walking my dog, to HIIT, movement is a huge part of my life (and I hope it's part of yours, too!).  While I am no personal trainer or fitness expert, I plan to share some of my regular workouts to give you ideas and inspiration.

Recipes: I love getting creative in the kitchen and will be sharing some of my creations as part of Fresh.Fit.Flourish. Since I'm all about balance, you'll see recipes that are focused around nutrient-dense foods in addition to treats (cookies, anyone?!).

Product and Restaurant Reviews: I come across some amazing products (food items, beauty, fashion, etc) sometimes, and I'll be sharing lots of those with you on Fresh.Fit.Flourish. Additionally, I'm a total foodie and love trying new restaurants and cafes, so I'll make sure share all of my amazing finds!

Random Ramblings: I love to write, and Fresh.Fit.Flourish is a place for me to do just that.  I'll tell you about my random adventures, travels, and whatever else I feel like sharing 🙂

Services: I offer some individualized nutrition services, including grocery store tours, kitchen clean-outs and more. Don't hesitate to check these out if you need some guidance with your nutrition goals!



Bri's Background

I received my B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Wisconsin - Stout in 2013 and completed my dietetic internship through Mount Mary University in 2014.  I've been an RD since 2014, in which I've held a few different positions that have given me excellent experience in clinical and community nutrition.

Currently, I am the dietitian for Open Arms of Minnesota, a non-profit organization that provides medically-tailored meals to individuals with life-threatening illnesses.  I'm also in the process of finishing my M.S. in Dietetics from Mount Mary University.

I also do some freelance writing on the side, mainly for Authority Nutrition, but I'm always looking for new opportunities in this area!

I've been in the blogging world since 2015. This is actually my third website, but I think I've finally 'figured it out' and Fresh.Fit.Flourish is here stay!


Fresh.Fit.Flourish Nutrition Approach

The Fresh.Fit.Flourish nutrition approach is about eating wholesome, nutrient-dense foods that make us feel our best. While many of the recipes and information shared here will be focused around plant-based, whole and real foods, there is no label on them. I don't follow or promote any specific diet. Instead, I have an "all-foods-fit" mentality, which means that nothing is off limits. I'm all about living a balanced life with balanced bites.  I eat a lot of vegetables, but I also eat ice cream and drink margaritas from time-to-time.

You should do the same: eat what makes you feel awesome in the moment. Sometimes that will be a giant salad or a green smoothie, other times it will be a cookie or two. And if you're not in a place where you feel like you can stray from your "eating plan," I hope Fresh.Fit.Flourish teaches you to do just that without shame.

A Little More About Bri

I'm an early bird, a book worm, and I never stop learning. I love all dogs, but mine is the best: he's a corgi named Winston who turns 3 this year. He's the love of my life (besides Joe, who I've been lucky enough to call my boyfriend for over 10 years!).

Some other loves of mine are lakes, photography, candles, flowers, traveling, lip stick and writing.  I love spending time with my family and friends, watching good shows on Netflix and shopping for workout clothes!