Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by Fresh Fit Flourish.  Let’s get to know each other!


I’m Bri, a 20-something Registered Dietitian overly passionate about all things that involve food and nutrition.


But I’m not one of those dietitians.  You know, the ones that only eat salads and always pass-up dessert (do those types of dietitians even exist?!).  Nope, instead, I am a coffee drinking, craft beer-loving dietitian who eats broccoli and donuts with no shame.  I love running, doing yoga and having Netflix marathons on my couch while cuddling with my corgi.


The truth is, though, my lifestyle hasn’t always been in a place of complete balance.  In high-school, college and my early 20s I developed a bit of an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. I’ve never struggled with a true eating disorder (thank goodness), but I sure have had my share of issues that have involved guilt and anxiety around food.

One day with the help of some of my amazing fellow dietitians and bloggers, I decided I didn’t want food to control my life.  I was sick of worrying about calories, grams of this, and grams of that whenever I ate.  Although I still have some work to do, I’m proud to say that I’ve found my way OUT of the black hole of food shaming and diet mindset.


Perhaps the most important lesson I learned in my journey to balance is that I found out I wasn’t alone.  And you aren’t either!  That’s why I created Fresh Fit Flourish: to show people just like YOU that it is possible to be healthy while enjoying the foods you love and moving in a way that feels good to you.  


The goal of Fresh Fit Flourish (FFF) is not to tell you what and how to eat – instead, FFF is here to inspire health, wellness and balance to help you live your best nourished life.


fresh fit flourish


The Fresh Fit Flourish Model 

Fresh, because our bodies and minds function best when we feed them what they NEED (sometimes that's kale, sometimes that's cookies).


Fit, because movement is essential for overall health and vibrancy.


Flourish, because a balanced lifestyle with plenty of healthy foods, movement, rest and self-care is exactly what you need to thrive and flourish through all of life's adventures.


Professional Background

I have my Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, which were completed through UW-Stout and Mount Mary University.  I've been a Registered Dietitian since 2014, in which I've held a few different positions that have given me experience in both clinical and community nutrition.


Currently, I am the dietitian for Open Arms of Minnesota, a non-profit organization that provides medically-tailored meals to individuals with life-threatening illnesses throughout the Twin Cities.


I also do some freelance writing on the side for Healthline: Authority Nutrition and Today's Dietitian Magazine.


I am always up for new opportunities and partnerships, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested in working with me!