I am incredibly passionate about sharing nutrition information in the world, and have been fortunate to be featured in several publications. Below is a list of outside resources, such as magazines and blogs, that have featured content developed by myself or in collaboration with others. Click on the title to follow the link if you want to read more. Interested in partnering with me for your publication? Send me an email with your inquiry at


Runner’s World: The Worst Foods to Eat Before a Hot Weather Run. January 2018

Bicycling Magazine: 6 High-Fat Condiments That are Actually Good for Cyclists. October 2017

Health Magazine: Healthy High-Fat Foods You Should Eat More. February 2016

Bicycling Magazine: 10 Surprisingly Energizing Foods You Need to Eat This Winter : June 2016


The Diabetes Council: 101 Registered Dietitians & Experts Answer 3 Diabetes Questions: 2016


RD Lounge: 8 Fruits and Veggies Recommended for ESRD Patients: March 2018

RD Lounge: Encouraging Patients to Eat More Legumes: August 2017

RD Lounge: Home Delivered Meal Options for Clients: July 2017


Today’s Dietitian Magazine: Book Review – Healing Super Foods for Anti-Aging. November 2017

Today’s Dietitian Magazine: Book Review – The Plant Paradox. December 2017


Open Arms of Minnesota Recipe Blog: Tips for a Healthy Fourth of July. July 2018

Open Arms of Minnesota Recipe Blog: National Nutrition Month. March 2018

Open Arms of Minnesota Recipe Blog: National Nutrition Month . March 2018


Firefly Sisterhood: Two Steps to Good Nutrition for Cancer Survivors. July 2016


Healthline: Authority Nutrition

I have contributed over 30 evidence-based nutrition articles to this website. Here are a few of my favorites.

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