Cucumber Noodles with Orange Honey Lime Vinaigrette


Happpppy Monday Minnesota!!!!  (or San Francisco, or Wisconsin, or wherever you are!)


I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was jam-packed with activities.  It started out with a fun happy hour with co-workers on Friday at East Lake Brewery, then Joe’s beer-league softball games, hangin’ out with a friend who was in town, a friend’s wedding, and lunch at Surly Brewing for Sunday Funday.  Needless to say, there were a few beers involved and I’m not mad about it.  Life is all about balance, right?!


Grad school also started for me again this past week after having a lovely month off.  I’m in the home-stretch of finishing my thesis which is CRAZINESS.  I have a deadline of July 14 to have the full draft complete…so it’s go-time in the Fresh.Fit.Flourish household.  If you guys don’t hear from me a lot over the next couple of months, that would explain why.


Honestly though, as much as I’m dreading spending my beloved summer writing a thesis and taking a class, I love learning and it’s the perfect excuse to explore coffee shops throughout the Twin Cities!  Coffee shops are my jam.  Sometimes I just need to get out of the apartment for  inspiration and motivation, and they always do the trick.


Okay now that I’m done rambling…let’s talk about what you came here for: Cucumber Noodles!


I made this salad last weekend while I was prepping some food for the busy week ahead.  It was GOING to be a simple chopped cucumber salad, but I decided that was boring.  Veggies are supposed to be fun.


cucumber noodles


…And want to know what makes them fun?  SPIRALIZERS!!


If you don’t have a spiralizer yet, you need one now.  I mean, NOW.  Any vegetable can be turned into “noodles” with a spiralizer.  Zucchini, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, cucumbers.  The possibilities are endless.



You can take it easy like I did and buy a cheap spiralizer, like this one.  Or you can go big or go home with this one.  No matter what spiralizer you get, it will do the job.


To make these cucumber noodles, start by spiralizing your cucumber, and then mix-up the dressing, which is made with red wine vinegar, orange juice, lime juice and honey.  Add toppings of your choice, such as berries, raisins, cilantro, nuts, seeds.  Whatever works!


Cucumber noodles, especially combined with the orange honey lime vinaigrette, are super refreshing on hot summer days.  We’ve had our fair share of those already in Minnesota (and it’s not even officially summer yet!).


cucumber noodles


I do want to mention that this recipe is pretty low in calories and protein, so it’s not all that satisfying as a meal.  It’s really meant to be a snack or a side dish, but feel free to add some extra protein if you’d like.  Chicken would work well, and so would plant-based protein sources, such as tofu.


Cucumber Noodles with Orange Lime Vinaigrette
Serves: 2-3 servings

  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • Juice from ½ of a medium orange
  • Juice from ½ of a small lime
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Optional toppings: blueberries, raisins, nuts, seeds, cilantro, other herbs and spices

  1. Make cucumber noodles with a spiralizer and set in a medium bowl.
  2. Make the vinaigrette by mixing vinegar, orange and lime juice, and honey together until well-combined.
  3. Pour the dressing over the cucumber noodles and mix until incorporated.
  4. Add desired servings


Enjoy!! Don’t forget to share this recipe with your cucumber noodle loving friends!



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