Here’s How I’ve Made Self-Care a Priority Lately

Self Care

Hey guys! I’m back!!  Yes,  i feel like this is the 20th time that I’ve had a blogging hiatus since I started blogging 3 years ago…but hear me out, I think I’m back for good!  I’m a new graduate, with new initials after my name (just call me Brianna Elliott, MS, RD, LD) and feeling like I can take on the world!


I had to take a much-needed break from the blog and social media because I truly had way too much on my plate.  I’ve always taken pride in being able to take on a lot of things at once, but during the fall I found myself feeling pretty crazy.  I was working full-time at Open Arms Monday through Thursday, finishing my thesis, taking 3 classes, keeping up with writing for Authority Nutrition and Today’s Dietitian, blogging & social-media-ing regularly, dabbling in wedding planning all while trying to spend time with my fiance, friends & family, walk my dog, do my laundry, workout, go to yoga and trying to feed myself (shout out to Joe for making me dinner on some nights!). Something had to give. So I said byeeeee to Fresh Fit Flourish (in addition to a few other things) for a while.


Despite giving up blogging, I was still swamped and my anxiety was at an all-time high during those crazy months.  Instead of letting it take over my life, I’ve been exploring incorporating some more self-care into my routine, and boy, has it made a difference.  I know that it’s the norm in our society these days to be over-worked, stressed, and run-down…but why?  It doesn’t need to be this way – as human beings, we NEED rest.  We will never be good workers in the long run if we don’t rest!  That’s why I’ve got a list for you today – a list of 5 self-care habits that I’ve made a priority lately.  I’m hoping these will inspire YOU to slow down, take a break, and enjoy your life even when times are crazy.



I’ve been doing yoga since I was in college, but I never realized the TRUE benefits of it until the last year or so.  I used to think of yoga as just another workout, and tended to put it on the back-burner because it wasn’t “intense enough.”  Now, I know how incredible it is, not only for my body, but also for my mind and soul!  Yoga has been a very consistent habit in my life these days, whether that means an hour-long vinyasa flow at Longevity, or a quick 10-minute relaxing flow from DoYouYoga or Yoga By Candace.  I’m even to the point where I’m able to come up with my own flows, which adds a dose of creativity to my days.  I hit my mat when I’m happy, sad, mad, stressed, excited, which has allowed me to really explore my emotions and move in a way that makes me feel good!

Self Care
A not fancy pic of me in CROW POSE…practicing in the comfort of my own apartment 🙂

‘                                                                                                                                  Self Care




My mom and my friends know best that I’ve always “hated” doing my nails and getting them done.  In fact, my soon-to-be sis in law (Hey, Sami!) took me on a date to get my nails done before Joe proposed to me in June…and I tried to convince her to skip the appointment to go do something else.  I always said I was “bad” at sitting still and that’s why I didn’t like going to spas.  WELL, I’ve finally come to terms with how relaxing and pampering that getting manicures & pedicures can be, and I’ve made a point to bring them into my life more often.  By “often,” I mean, like 3 times since June, but that’s WAY more than what I’m used to.  I think the reason why I’m okay with them now is because I’ve *finally* learned that it’s OKAY to sit still sometimes.  And it’s also okay to have pretty nails 🙂


Self Care



This is one that has been HARD but oh-so-helpful.  I suffer from serious FOMO (it’s true, just ask Joe) and hate saying no to people.  I used to think I had to attend every party, every event, and see ALLLL my friends ALLLLL the time.  Finally, finally I’ve learned the importance of saying no sometimes for my own sanity.  I’ve learned that my friends (real ones) won’t disappear if I miss an outing, and I will actually be a better person and friend overall if I don’t say ‘yes’ to every single invitation.  Saying no when I need to has given my introvert-self a break and allowed me to breathe after weeks full of go-go-go.  And, I feel I am able to be more present with my friends when I’m re-charged, rather than when I’m in the on-the-go mentality.



Yes, that’s right – RD Bri, the queen of “just eat feel food” is telling you that she’s been really into convenience foods lately.  When I say convenience foods, I don’t mean McDonald’s or Spaghettios.  I mean the selection of healthy-ish convenience foods that I can buy at Trader Joe’s, such as their vegetable burritos, chili-lime chicken burgers, cauliflower-rice, delicious frozen veggies (they even have frozen zucchini and carrot noodles now!) and many more.  Since I’ve been exploring these types of foods more, I’ve learned that the world doesn’t end when my eating habits aren’t perfect.  I don’t need to cook super healthy meals from scratch with fresh ingredients every day to be healthy.  In fact, I can eat cereal for dinner and waffles (instead of eggs + veggies) for breakfast without the earth shattering (who knew?!).  I am very thankful to have access to stores like Trader Joe’s that make eating healthy and conveniently do-able.  I know not everyone has access to TJ’s, but I encourage you to explore your grocery store of choice a bit more if you’re short on time.  You’d be surprised by the healthier, convenient options that some companies have to offer!  More to come on this topic later 🙂



I haven’t talked a lot about my journaling practice, but really I’ve been a “journaler” since I was a little kid.  Almost every morning, I spend a few minutes writing 3 things that I’m grateful for and what I want my day to look like.  When I have more time, I might explore a daily devotional from She Reads Truth.  I’ve always had a niche for writing, and sometimes I just write about whatever I have on my mind.  Journaling is an excellent way to start the day, and I even end my days with it sometimes if I need it. Journaling is probably my favorite form of self-care because it is so centering and allows me to get my thoughts and stresses out, rather than letting them bottle up.


Self Care



I think it’s important to mention that I don’t incorporate ALL of these things into every single day, but I try to always do something of this sort each day to keep my sanity in check.  If you’re not a fan of yoga, or journaling, or whatever, find what works best for YOU.  Maybe that’s meditation, reading, taking a walk, coloring, running, cooking or taking a nap.  There are so many options!


What are YOUR favorite self-care practices?!

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